10 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

 10 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Summer


Summer is the best time of the year here in Alaska! Be sure that you’ll enjoy the coming LOOOONG days by preparing your home with these tips:

1)      Get a HVAC check- make sure your air conditioner will be in peak condition.2)      Check the outdoor condensing unit of your HVAC to make sure it is unobstructed by plant growth or other objects.3)       Change the filters in your system to make sure you have proper and clean airflow.

4)      Ensure you are not wasting more energy than necessary by preventing the cool air from your HVAC leaking. Check the weather-stripping and caulking around your doors, ceiling, windows, and walls.

5)      Check your doors and tighten hinges that may have come loose due to shifts in temperature.

6)      Clean and check locks and screens on your windows.

7)      Sweep and clean out your fireplace.

8)      Change your beddings and linens to a lighter material.

9)      Use thick curtains to help you block the sun’s heat and light during the day and efficiently maintain your energy use.

10)   Clean your patio and your garden for maximum enjoyment all season long.

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