6 Ways to Keep a Pet-friendly Home

6 Ways to Keep a Pet-friendly Home




Pets really are a great companion. They can help us improve our physical and emotional health and even better our social lives.It is our responsibility to take good care of them as a member of the household.

Make sure your home is safe for your pets with these tips.

1) Inspect and Identify

Take a look at everything that might be dangerous for your pet. Get down on the floor and check your home from your pet’s point of view.

2) Remove and Secure

Remove or secure items that may cause harm to your pets. Below are some points to remember:

  1. Make sure your indoor plants are pet safe and non-toxic for your pet.
  2. Secure storage of cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze and other hazardous chemicals.
  3. Keep toilet lid down to eliminate risk of poisoning and drowning.
  4. Keep windows and elevated areas secure.
  5. Secure your yard by installing fencing.
  6. Keep human food secured and out of reach; some can be toxic for pets. For example, chocolate can be deadly for dogs and other non-pet food can cause stomach problems.
  7. Remove or secure appliances inside and outside your home that may cause choking, strangulation, electrocution, and suffocation hazards for your pets.

3) Give Some Space

Give them their own space and you won’t have to worry about them seeking refuge where they don’t belong such as cabinets or other small, dangerous places (if they will fit, they will go!).  A hazard-free zone, with a cozy bed, water source, and safe toys will do and you can also provide some convenient features like storage for accessories and feeding. Storage facilities can also help you in securing their food properly and avoid contamination and unwanted insects.

4) Toilet Training

Choose a spot where you want your pet to relieve himself. Encourage them to go to the toilet in that particular area, so that you do not have to deal with cleaning up a mess all over the house.

5) Flooring and Fabrics

You also have to consider fabrics and flooring materials that are skid proof, easy to clean and won’t be easily affected by wear. Carpet is not advisable for pet owners or else you will likely have to do the vacuum more than twice in a week.

6) Clean Home and Pet

Having a clean pet is equal to a clean home and vice versa. Use non-toxic cleaners for your home and your pet. You can groom your pet by regularly clipping their nails, brushing their teeth and brushing out their fur.



John Collinge is an Anchorage Realtor
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