7 Cool Facts about Anchorage, Alaska

7 Cool Facts about Anchorage, Alaska

Ever think about moving to a place that is peaceful, surrounded by nature, and historic? Well, you’re not the only one. Many people dream of moving to Anchorage, Alaska. If you’re looking for a Realtor in Alaska who can help make this happen, don’t hesitate to contact John Collinge RE/MAX Dynamic Properties today.

We’ve compiled a list of the coolest facts about Anchorage that will have you itching to own a home there.

  1. Scared of snakes?
    Lucky for you, Anchorage is nowhere near the Australian outback. Like Alaska, the city has no existing snake population. If you find one, it’s likely a pet that escaped someone’s home.
  2. Love skiing?
    Consider moving to Anchorage. If skiing is your life, then you’d naturally want to move somewhere cold and mountainous. In Anchorage, you can find over a hundred miles of groomed cross country ski trails. Better get your gear ready!
  3. A tax-friendly city.
    Anchorage has no state income tax or sales tax from its citizens. You can even find tax-free shoe shopping here. Now, how great is that? Maybe this time, you’ll finally be able to pile up on those savings.
  4. Got a deep love for the mountains?
    Did you know that you can spot six mountain ranges from the city of Anchorage? Yep, there’s the Tordrillo, Talkeetna, Kenai, Aleutian, Chugach, and Alaskan mountain ranges. And in some of the clearer days, you can even lay eyes on the highest peak in North America, Mt. McKinley.
  5. Anchorage is an expansive city.
    Anchorage covers almost 2000 square miles, making it very close in size to the state of Delaware. We’re talking about a city the size of an entire U.S. state, now how cool is that?!
  6. A city of moose and bears.
    If you love the winter wildlife, then you’ll definitely find a home in Anchorage. Moose sightings are pretty common during the winter time. The urban areas are also home to 60 grizzlies and more than 200 black bears.
  7. The “People Mover” is what the city’s public bus system is called.

We all have different tastes and preferences. And while the cold and quiet of Anchorage may not necessarily appeal to everyone, it does have its fair share of admirers. Anchorage is a solemn place that is rich in history, nature, and friendly people. Contrary to the cold of Alaska is the warm and friendly nature of its citizens.

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