Baby on the Way? 11 Tips to Baby Proof Your Entire Home

Baby on the Way? 11 Tips to Baby Proof Your Entire Home


1. Do it before the baby is even born. Once the baby gets here, you will be so busy this crucial task may take a backseat.

2. Lookout for choking hazards in each room because they will put anything and everything into their mouth. Get down on your hands and knees and explore as a baby would. They will be crawling before you realize it!

3. Cover electrical outlets, long wires and cords that present choking and tripping hazards.

4. Take note of all sharp corners and small objects that can potentially harm your baby; it needs to be padded.Place breakables and sharp objects out of reach.

5. Anchor all heavy furniture and fixtures to the wall.

6. Install gates in each doorway to keep your child out of staircases, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms which can endanger your child if they access it unattended.



7. Place locks on all the windows. Be sure to keep curtains and any window cords out of reach because a baby’s neck could become trapped in these. Babies can move at the speed of light-especially when you’re not looking!8. Prevent poisoning by disposing of old medications and place bottles out of reach.9. Keep all chemicals out of reach. Install a fire alarm and consider keeping a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector in your home.10. Pools and tubs of water pose dangers. Never leave a bucket of water or other liquid unattended and always pour out the water as soon as you’re finished. Enclose your pool with a baby proof fence.

11. And last but not least, always be ready for an emergency. Post emergency numbers on the fridge for caregivers. Stock up on first aid supplies.Attend first aid training classes- many are available free of charge by hospitals with maternity wards.

John Collinge is an Anchorage Realtor
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