Dollar Stretching Decorating Tips For Selling a Home

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Dollar-Stretching Decorating Tips for Couples Taking the Next Step

Are you ready to move in with your significant other?  When you’re taking the step of combining your living spaces into one, the last thing you want to do is overspend and put stress on your relationship. Here’s how to decorate your abode in a manner that meshes your lives and styles without breaking the bank.

Mixing and matching

It makes good economic sense to start out together with your existing belongings. With that in mind, take a general inventory of what you have.  Chances are there are some items you both accumulated in your previous lives, so pick the best things, and cull the worn-out and worst of the duplications.

If neither of you has a quality version of something necessary, start a shopping list of what you need to purchase, and pay special attention to the heart of the home – the kitchen.  Start fresh without the clunky coffee maker or chipped set of dishes.  For all your basic kitchen essentials (and even the occasional splurge!), you can pick up what you need from retailers like Macy’s.  Shopping online gives you the benefit of a big selection, and you can make your dollars go furthest by taking advantage of extra promotions and discounts

Add a fresh vibe

Whether you’re moving into a place one of you already calls home or you’re starting with fresh digs, giving the space a whole different look is a great way to celebrate your new beginning.  An inexpensive way to breathe new life into your rooms is with paint.  When deciding on a color palette, Hey There, Home suggests looking for a total of three to five colors. To make the most of your budget, examine colors in your existing decor, since you are obviously drawn to them. If you struggle to find common ground, consider going with a neutral hue for your walls and coordinating rooms through accents.  Be creative and pull things together throughout the space, whether by adding throw pillows or painting trim. For all your painting supplies, you can shop current deals at websites like Lowe’s, which offers a great selection and can ship your purchased items to your home. 

Live it up

A painting project is just one way you can signify your newly-blended lives. Consider adding new living things to your space, such as in the form of houseplants.  It’s not only a fun and decorative touch, Garden Collage Magazine points out that houseplants help clean the air in your home, boosting freshness and reducing pollutants. It’s a great way to add a touch of nature, and some experts feel houseplants can bolster mental health by lowering anxiety levels, promoting relaxation, and reducing fatigue. Consider it an investment in your relationship!  Pick out something that works well with your decor, whether it’s chunky succulents, an exotic bonsai, or sleek bamboo.  You can select from a variety of plants at Home Depot, take advantage of their offers and enjoy free ship-to-store. 

Finding common ground

All relationships require some give and take. When combining belongings, couples sometimes come to an impasse.  If you can’t agree on something, why not agree to disagree?  Even if you don’t have room for a man cave and a she shed, agreeing to establish spaces where you can each do your own thing is sometimes the best choice. 

Another way to tackle points of contention is to revamp worn items in order to add a bit of a twist to the mundane.  For instance, fresh upholstery can help segue the chair you hate with the rest of a room, or a dining room table could be refinished or painted.  It’s also a fun way to spruce up second-hand pieces, so hit the thrift shops to fill in gaps!  Make it ultra simple and feel extra great by checking into Goodwill’s online furniture auctions, since you can save money and help a charity at the same time. 

Moving in together is a big step, and it’s easy to get carried away.  Make sure you don’t overspend, which will only create stress. Stretch your dollars while outfitting your space together, and have fun!

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