Home Selling Tips for Pet Owners


The Best Home Selling Tips for Pet Owners


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Let’s face it, even though Fido and Fifi are important members of your family, potential home buyers can be put off by their evidence.  Not everyone appreciates the charms associated with your furry friends.  Some clever home staging will allow your whole family (including your four-legged loved ones) to remain comfortable and allow shoppers to peruse in peace.


Don’t overlook.  Sometimes we stop noticing things that we live with on a daily basis.  For instance, doorframes your dog scratched when asking to go out, or odors from the cat’s litter box are items you are used to but could be instant turn-offs to home buyers.  One suggestion is to ask someone to tour the home with you, pointing out issues you may be overlooking.  Then tidy up eyesores and make minor repairs you tuned out, and clean your home top to bottom.  Eliminate pet hair that collected in corners, remove stains, and air out the home.  Keep a can of room spray handy for freshening the air, and keep up with vacuuming for spur of the moment showings.


Odors are a serious taboo, so if you come to the conclusion you have a pet odor problem in your home it’s important to deal with it before showings.  Angie’s List recommends using simple tricks such as setting out coffee beans to absorb odors.  Vinegar is another terrific deodorizer.  Setting out bowls of it can clean up the air, and you can even blend it with water and lavender oil to make a carpet and furniture deodorizer.  You just mix it up, spray it on and let it settle.


Eliminate evidence.  Put anything that screams, “I have a pet!” out of sight for showings.  According to some experts, toys should be gathered up and food and bowls stowed out of sight.  Puppy pads and litter boxes should be hidden and kept immaculately clean.


Don’t forget to check the yard, too.  As Consumer Affairs points out, a yard full of holes and other “landmines” is off-putting.  Home buyers may be looking at the yard for children to play in, and chances are your pet’s contributions won’t be appreciated.  If you have a digger dog, some professionals suggest filling holes with rocks and brick material, then topping holes with mud.  Offer extra toys to keep Fido occupied during playtime to deter him from creating new holes.


Vacate the premises.  When it comes time for showing your home, make every attempt to take your pets along.  Barking dogs can be upsetting and are distracting at the very least.  You also negate any concerns of pets slipping out if they are safely at your side, or even worse, home shoppers being bitten or scratched.  Remember, it not only stressful for some home buyers who aren’t pet people to find animals in the house, it’s also stressful for your pet to have strangers intruding.


Along those lines, if you have specific information about your pets you should share it with your real estate agent.  There could be times that it’s impossible for your pet to accompany you, and you want your realtor to be aware of how you prefer the situation to be handled.  If pets aren’t allowed outside, communicate that information.  Also be sure your realtor knows what rooms pets occupy normally so there are no surprises.


Home staging is the key

While you consider your pet part of the family, potential buyers can be put off by pets.  Have a friend tip you off to things you might be overlooking, and eliminate evidence of pets before showings.  For everyone’s benefit, if at all possible you should take your pet with you during showings, and communicate well with your realtor.  With these great tips selling your home will be a piece of cake!

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