Moving Tips for Dog Owners


5 Ways to Help Your Dog Adjust to a Newly Bought Home



Your precious pooch will be moving with you and your family to your new home and you’re more than a tad nervous as to how she could react to the newness of the digs. All dogs require special care and handling, even more so when you’re moving to a smaller space. Because many dog breeds need exercise and room to roam around freely, and are particular about scents, especially home scents, you want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible in the new living quarters, and settle nicely.


To secure a smooth adjustment period for your beloved pet dog, implement the following tips:


Stick to Your Normal Routine


Dogs like a feeding and walking routine they can depend upon. Though you’ll be busy unpacking boxes after the move, stick to your dog day-to-day. Schedule appointments so that your pet knows something is staying normal in the midst of all the chaos. They will adjust so much faster when you play with them, feed them, and walk them at the same times you used to before the move. This will comfort your dog and make her feel more secure in the new space.


Have their Possessions Smell of the Old Home


Set aside a special corner for your dog in the new home on moving day. By placing favorite blankets, toys and bed in the niche, you are signaling to them from the beginning to start getting acquainted with the new place. Have their belongings smell of the old home so that it comforts them amidst all the new and dramatic changes.


Pet Proof the New Home and Yard


Be sure to pet proof your new home and yard. That is, keep chemicals on high shelves, tie your long electrical cords to backboards to keep the dog from tripping, remove breakables, and put up a fence or gate in the yard. Because your dog might start acting strangely if she is in any way nervous, stressed or anxious about the move, pet proofing your home and yard is vital. These safety precautions will keep her out of danger in the event she freaks out or starts behaving uncharacteristically.


Slowly Introduce Her to the New Neighborhood


Explore the new neighborhood slowly when walking your dog in the event she comes across threatening dogs as she walks the sidewalk. These are the kind who might scare and trigger stress in your animal, who is already going through a sensitive time adjusting to your new home. Also, make sure your pet is somewhat well acclimated to the new neighborhood before you decide to let her off the leash at a doggy park. You want to be certain she has a good understanding of where you live in case she runs away.


A Final Thought


No matter what type or breed of dog you have, adjusting to a new space may prove to be problematic for her. Take into account what kind of personality she has – shy, sociable and/or confident – when assessing what to do about making her feel more welcome in your new home. What is certain is that she will always be receptive to additional attention, love and affection. When extra love is forthcoming, this will help ease her into accepting the new home.


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