Moving to a New Home: 4 Essential Tips

Moving to a New Home: 4 Essential Tips
Moving to New Home
Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can be hectic! The following tips below will help you transition during this time. 

Start Early Avoid last-minute cramming and stay ahead of schedule. Pack your non-essential items a few weeks ahead of the move date.  Prepare plenty of supplies you’ll need such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wraps, scissors, cardboard cutters and markers.Prepare Your New Place

Visit your new home and plan how you want to set up all your furnishings in each room ahead of time and decide how you want them to function. Take measurements to ensure everything fits properly. You’ll know exactly where each piece of furniture will go as soon as it comes off the moving truck.

Label and Pack

Packing and labeling correctly is crucial if you use a self-service moving company in which you load and they drive. Keep notes of what you’ve packed in each box. Assign each box an identifier and its contents so you will know what exactly is in each box.

Packing Tips:

1)      Safeguard valuable possessions and important documents; keep them with you.

2)      Prepare personal boxes for each member of the household.

3)      Pack the items you will need first in one box.

4)      Wrap your fragile items in clothing or bubble wrap.

5)      Cover all the openings of the things that may spill with plastic wrap and rubber bands.

6)      Don’t forget about the fridge: plan to consume food and avoid restocking close to the move date.

7)      Put heavier items in the bottom of boxes, lighter items on top.

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10)   Close the box safely and tightly. Label each box with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents.

Look for Help

Plan to optimize your time not just for yourself, but also for your friends, family or hired movers. Prepare a schedule with tasks for everyone to keep organized. Make sure to have plenty of refreshments and snacks available to show your appreciationand keep energy levels up during the hard labor of moving!

Do you have a great moving tip? Chime in and post your tip in comments below!

John Collinge is an Anchorage Realtor
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