Should You Buy or Sell Your Home Yourself or Hire a Realtor?

Should You Buy or Sell Your Home Yourself or Hire a Realtor?


How does hiring a Realtor benefit you in buying or selling your real estate?

  1. If you are buying a home (a huge decision!), you will have better access to all the properties listed in your area.  Your agent who represents you will have access to a network of listing agents who knows what needs to be done and work together to help you find your dream home.Similarly, if you are selling your home, your realtor will work with buyer agents who can bring targeted interested buyers. 

  1. Your negotiation experience will be better and result in a higher listing price. Or if you’re buying, your chances of getting the home you want are higher. Whether you are buying or selling a home, realtors who represent you will work in YOUR best interest. They will do everything to protect you and will put you in a better position to get or sell the house you want. Realtors are experts at accessing your current financial and personal situation to present you with the best deals for your unique needs. 
  1. You will get help and guidance with ever-changing real estate laws. In compliance with real estate law can cause roadblocks to closing a deal. Realtors stay updated with all the regulations, laws, contracts and practices for real estate transactions and ensure compliance for a smooth closing. 
  1. Realtors will help you navigate inspections and due diligence in the closing process. In addition, you will receive expert guidance when it comes to title insurance, pro-rations and other fees that may pop up at closing.
  1. You will save time and energy. Countless hours go into the process of procuring a buyer for your home. Similarly, it’s a tiresome process looking for the home you want.Your realtor will dedicate their effort and expertise to get this done faster with better results. They can connect you with their network of other realtors, contractors, inspectors, landscapers and the like which can help you find a solution for any problem you may encounter while buying or selling your home.



In the modern day where we can find an answer to almost any question on the Internet, there are certainly people who prefer to sell their own homes or go through the buying process on their own. But, when you get into a difficult situation, it can really pay to have a professional on your side. You will save time AND money.

Studies have shown that real estate professionals consistently sell homes for more than a homeowner can. When it comes to listing your home, the marketing and expertise that a realtor brings is unmatched.

If you are looking for your dream house, a realtor can expedite the process and get you in the home you want, at a price you can afford.

Whether you decide to hire a professional or go it alone, it doesn’t hurt to talk to a realtor and get an update on the market condition and then make your decision.


John Collinge is an Anchorage Realtor
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