Summertime in Alaska

Summertime in Alaska


The sun is shining and the fish are running in the rivers. Tourists are piling into the state. When I drive by Walmart, the parking lot is full of motorhomes. All of these are great signs for the tourist economy in our state! 

The year 2015 is off to a good start!

Home sales have been brisk throughout the spring. Recently interest rates have gone up to above 4.0 % causing the June sales to slow down a bit.

Inventory levels have increased but it is still a definite sellers market. The year to date absorption rate is at 4.2 indicating that we still are having an inventory shortage (6.0 is a level market). Median days on the market for residential listings YTD is at 34.

Oil prices are low and that could be rough if things do not improve within the next year. It seems like every time the price dips it creates panic in Juneau and then the price magically goes back up. Whether or not the lucky streak continues remains to be seen.

Cest’ Le Vie !! (Such is life!!) Regardless about happens, it is still a great time to sell or buy a home.
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John Collinge is an Anchorage Realtor
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