The Top 15 Must-See Spots in Anchorage: An Introduction to Alaska (Part 2)

Discover Anchorage with its rich history, impressive wildlife and rich culture. There is certainly something for every visitor!

In part 2 of our top 15 must-see spots in Anchorage, we are continuing on with the final top 8 locations: (If you missed the previous post, check it out!)

  1. Rust’s Flying Service

rusts flying serviceThe adventure of flying on a seaplane around the rugged terrain and towering glaciers will be an unforgettable experience for any visitor! Look down on places like Denali National Park and the Lake Clark National Park & Preserve on a low-flying seaplane craft.  Experience the adventure you’ve been dreaming of!


  1. The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering

Great Alaska Aviation GatheringDo you love planes? Would you love to have a glance of 275 different models?  Look no further! The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering has both indoor and outdoor displays of various types of aircrafts used for sports, commercial, military, corporate, and other general aviation uses. Aside from the vintage planes being displayed, they feature new state-of-the-art plane products, technologies and the newest innovations. Stop by their safety conference as well for additional information.


  1. Earthquake Park

earthquake parkWant to see the aftermath of a 9.2 magnitude earthquake which lasted for four minutes?  Anchorage was devastated in 1964 by the tragic event, which pulled an entire neighbourhood into the ocean. Today, the place is being commemorated with Earthquake Park, a 134-acre park explaining the tragic event and its circumstances.


  1. Flattop Mountain at Glen Alps

flattop mountain at glen alpsIf you are a mountain hiker, you will love ascending this 1.5 mile- 1,350 ft. trail over an hour’s time. There are also options for non-hikers to reach the peaks with a quick drive up the mountain to overlook the magnificent sights.



  1. Seward, Alaska

seward alaskaWant to get up-close and personal with Alaska’s Giant Pacific Octopus and the gangly king crab? How about their sea lions, harbour seals and seabirds?  These awesome species and more are being taken care of inside the Alaska SeaLife Center of Seward Alaska.  Seward is located south of Anchorage and is the last stop on the Seward Highway. Seward is also the main access point to Kenai Fjords National Park.


  1. Alaska Botanical Garden

alaska botanical gardenThere are 110 acres of land situated in a birch and spruce forest, known as the Alaska Botanical Garden. This great spot is a haven for flora and fauna, and visitors are welcomed to walk or hike around while enjoying the beautiful display of flowers and plants in this natural garden. Keep your eyes open! You might even see some bears and moose on the trails.


  1. Anchorage Golf Course

anchorgage golf courseA dream golf course for any golfer!  Play the game while viewing the beautiful settings surrounding the Anchorage Golf Course.  Views of the Chugach Mountains, Cook Inlet and Mount McKinley are present, plus the astounding Anchorage skyline! The golf course is designed by renowned architect Bill Newcomb that meets international standards for professional golfers.


  1. Kenai Fjords National Park

kenai fjords national parkAlaska is famous for its glaciers and coastal mountains.  Witness this natural beauty in the Kenai Fjords National Park right in the center of Harding Icefield.  The park is made of 600,000 acres that can be accessed through road travel in Exit Glacier.  Visitors can take a guided tour with information on how these glaciers were formed or simply wander on their own.


If you’re in the Anchorage area, then you should certainly check out these must-see locations that embody the awesome state of Alaska. Are you considering making your visit to Anchorage permanent? Visit our blog for more tips about the city of Anchorage and real estate news!

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