The Top 15 Must-See Spots in Anchorage: An Introduction to Alaska (Part 1)

If you find yourself journeying through beautiful Alaska, Anchorage is a stop you’ll want to make! Anchorage is the largest town in Alaska, and visiting tourists love to explore its many inland tourist attractions and excursions! Add a stop to your plans and visit Anchorage, the world’s largest seaplane base!

In this two part series, we will be helping you identify the top fifteen tourist attractions in Anchorage, to ensure that you don’t miss out on some of the best sites Anchorage has to offer! In part one, check out these 7 attractions that will meet the expectations of history buffs, animal lovers, nature fans and more!
1. Alaska Native Heritage Center
alaska native heritage centerGet to know Alaska’s eleven indigenous groups, natives and tribes. See the natives work on their traditional crafts and let them teach you how to make them yourself. You can also take part in their cultural dances, games, artifact demonstrations, and storytelling too!



2. Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center
anchorage museum in rasmuson centerThere is no better place to learn about the history of Alaska, the arctic and its people than the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center.

Kids will love the “Imaginarium Discovery Center” as well as the “Spark Lab” where kids can take part in hands-on activities to learn about the history of invention! The modern museum is a beautifully designed, glass building that is full of permanent and visiting exhibits that you can explore again and again!

3. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Alaska Wildlife Conservation CenterThis 200-acre wildlife conservation center in Alaska was created to protect and provide refuge for injured, orphaned and sick wildlife animals. Experience up-close encounters with the wildlife, and learn about the different species and their various habitats. Some of the awesome animals you’ll see include elk, bison, eagles, bears and more! Some fun presentations for the kids include moose and musk ox calf bottle feeding, lynx feedings, and presentations with porcupines!


4. Alaska Zoo
Alaska ZooDid you know that the Alaska Zoo started with just one elephant in the year 1966? Today, the zoo is now home to more than 77 animals on its 25 acres of property. There is a lot to see and do among the animals including yoga at the zoo,   Wildlife Wednesday Lectures and halls for rent for a special occasion!


5. Ghost Forest
ghost forestBear witness to the aftermath of the 1964 earthquake in Anchorage, including the ruins of the buildings and the remains of the trees. Most of its ground along Turnagain Arm leveled down below the sea and buried five to nine feet below, with the town that once sat at sea level now completely submerged underwater at high tide.

6. Alaska Naturally Aurora Show
aurora lightsHave you seen the beauty of northern lights yet?  Even in the broad daylight, you can witness for yourself the jaw-dropping aurora borealis dubbed as “Alaska’s Great Northern Lights”.  It is a natural beauty that everyone should see at least once!



7. Girdwood, Alaska
girdwood alaskaThose looking to take up skiing or enjoy a plethora of outdoor adventures will certainly want to visit Girdwood!  Girdwood, Alaska used to be a prosperous gold mining location until it was devastated by the 1964 earthquake.



If you’re going to be exploring the great places in Alaska, don’t forget to add Anchorage to the list! With a rich history and an abundant amount of nature and wildlife, there is certainly something for every visitor! Watch out for part two of this series, to find out where else you can explore and learn about the great city of Anchorage.

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